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Course Content

The exhaustive content in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics addresses the journey that every student at BASE is expected to go through, viz., understanding, conceptualization and application. It covers the related topics with quality synopsis and is followed up with adequate worked examples and practice exercises. While the theoretical basics drive home the concepts with clarity, problems are designed to enable the students to apply innovation.

Beyond JEE

Our training also helps in preparation for other competitive exams like BITSAT and CET. Outstanding performers can also aspire to pursue B.S. at IISc., Bangalore.

Students desirous of careers in Science & Research, can aspire to join institutions like IISERs. The IISERs at Bhopal, Mohali, Pune, Kolkata and Thiruvanantapuram represent a unique initiative in India where teaching and education are totally integrated with state-of-the-art research. JEE scores are important for admission to IISc. and IISERs .

For students taking CET, IIT JEE Achiever puts them way ahead of the rest. While BASE students scored an encore in CET 2016, students from IIT JEE Achiever program performed exceedingly well.

Admission Criteria

Admission to IIT JEE program is through an entrance test.

Course Components-Printed Courseware

BASE has devoted considerable attention to preparing comprehensive study material to excel in the toughest medical entrance exams in the country. Our faculty’s painstaking efforts enable them to present concepts lucidly and provide clarifications to students’ queries in a logical manner.

Admission Criteria

Admission to Medical Entrance program is through an entrance test.

The following are BASE strengths that make the difference.


  • Printed courseware for CET
  • Self-assessment tests for CET for every topic
  • Unit tests for CET and Board for each module

Regular teaching sessions

  • Focus on strengthening concepts
  • Improve performance in exams.
  • Teaching for Board exams & CET
  • Sessions planned out for the entire year

Excellent faculty

BASE faculty includes over 200 highly qualified and trained professionals, who are in touch with the exam patterns and changing trends.

Tests & feedback

 Regular tests are conducted all through 1st PU and 2nd PU to measure the student’s progress. They include:

  • 1st PU: – Monthly Unit tests for CET
  • 2nd PU: – Monthly unit tests for CET
  • Chapter-wise online tests for both 1st PU and 2nd PU

Real exam simulated conditions

 Students will be familiarized with real exam situation, while writing the unit tests and final practice papers .

Admission Criteria

Admission is offered to students based on their performance in 10th Std. exams. Enrollment is also done on the basis of marks obtained in 9th Std. And in midterm exams in 10th Std. Course starts in June 2017.

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